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Welcome Screen

Once you have successfully activated a Test Studio license, launching the app takes you to the Welcome Screen. Here, you can create or open a project, access the getting-started samples and tutorials, find the product version and check for updates.

The Welcome Screen is organized in the following tabs:

  1. Project Tab
  2. Get Started Tab
  3. Software Update Tab

Project Tab

In the Project section of the Welcome screen, you can choose whether to create a new project or open an existing one. You can find existing projects in the Recent Projects list, browse the local disk folders, or connect to source control (Git or TFS) and clone a project repository.

Project Tab

Create a New Project

To create a new project:

  • Choose the storage path and enter a name for the new project.

  • Select Create.

The default project folder is C:\Users<yourUsername>\Documents\Test Studio Projects. To save the project to another folder:

  • Use the browse button to locate the desired folder.

  • Confirm the folder selection.

  • Enter a name for the new project.

Create Project

Open an Existing Project

You can opan an existing project from the Recent projects list - it shows the recently opened projects, displaying their name and storage path. You can also browse to a local folder that contains a Test Studio project, or connect to source control and clone a project from a remote repository.

Open Existing Project

Adjust the Test Studio Layout

Once you open the test project, you can adjust the Test Studio layout and make it fit your requirements.

Get Started Tab

The Get Started section provides access to а demo project and to interactive in-product tutorials that guide you through the Test Studio tool.

Get Started

Software Update Tab

Under the Software Update section, you can find information about the installed version of Test Studio, activated license key and update notifications.

Software Update

Product Version

This section displays your currently installed version number.

Activation Key

This section displays the type of your license key - Trial or Licensed, and provides the option to Deactivate an active license. This option is useful if you need to move the Test Studio license between different machines.

Update And Update Notifications

This section offers different ways to check when a new version is published:

  • You can use the Check for Updates button for an instant check.

  • You can enable the check for updates on startup.

For more information, see the check for updates article.


The Newsfeed section in the Welcome Screen informs you about any important news related to the product, links to new blog posts about Test Studio features and capabilities. The content is updated live and requires Internet connection.


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