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Dialog Handler Updater

Browsers are constantly evolving. They come with a couple of official releases per year and few more updates. Some of these updates are changing the UI structure of the whole browser. This, on other hand, is impacting how Test Studio handles the dialog and notification windows.

Hence, after such breaking changes introduced by the browsers, Test Studio should be updated accordingly. This is managed with the Dialog handler update functionality. If you are using the latest official release of Test Studio, and there is a browser update which somehow is affecting the tool normal operation, a notification for Dialog handler update will be shown next to the Calibrate browsers button.

Handler Update Notification

For an immediate update of the Dialog handler click button Calibrate browsers. The Project Settings window will popup pointing to its Browsers section. Click Update button next to Dialog Handler update available notification.

Handler Update Button

Once the update is successfully installed you need to restart Test Studio in order the changes to take effect.

Restart Required

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