series.labels.template String|Function

The template which renders the chart series label.

The fields which can be used in the template are:

  • category - the category name. Available for area, bar, column, bubble, donut, line, pie and waterfall series.
  • dataItem - the original data item used to construct the point. Will be null if binding to array.
  • percentage - the point value represented as a percentage value. Available only for donut, pie and 100% stacked charts.
  • series - the data series
  • stackValue - the cumulative point value on the stack. Available only for stackable series.
  • value - the point value. Can be a number or object containing each bound field.
  • runningTotal - the sum of point values since the last "runningTotal" summary point. Available for waterfall series.
  • total - the sum of all previous series values. Available for waterfall series.

The text can be split into multiple lines by using line feed characters ("\n").

Example - set the chart series label template

<div id="chart"></div>
  series: [ {
    labels: {
      visible: true,
      template: "Value: #: value #%"
    data: [1, 2, 3]
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