series.zIndex Number

An optional Z-index that can be used to change the default stacking order of series.

The series with the highest Z-index will be placed on top.

Series with no Z-index will use the default stacking order based on series type. For example line series will be on top with bar and area following below.

Example - Change the series stacking order

<div id="chart"></div>
      series: [{
        type: "column",
        zIndex: 1,
        color: "grey",
        data: [1, 2, 1]
      }, {
        type: "column",
        color: "blue",
        zIndex: 3,
        data: [2, 2, 2]
      }, {
        type: "area",
        color: "red",
        zIndex: 2,
        data: [0, 2, 0]
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