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Expand and Collapse Groups

RadListView supports groups expand and collapse operations either through the UI by tapping on the group headers or programmatically. By default, all the groups are expanded.

This help topic will provide an overview of the methods and commands used to control the expand/collapse state of the ListView groups.

Before proceeding, please check the Grouping topic which describes how you could enable the grouping feature of RadListView.

Get the grouped ListView items

To manipulate the collapsible ListView groups, first you will need to call its GetDataView method. In short, GetDataView method provides a view of the ItemsSource after all the Sort, Group and Filter operations are applied. The return type is IDataViewCollection which exposes the expand and collapse methods described in the following sections.

var dataView = this.listView.GetDataView();

Expand and collapse all groups

In order to expand all groups, use the ExpandAll method and respectively use the CollapseAll method - to collapse all groups.

//expand all
var dataView = this.listView.GetDataView();

//collapse all
var dataView = this.listView.GetDataView();

Expand and collapse a certain group

You could retrieve the first-level groups through the GetGroups method of the IDataViewCollection object and use ExpandGroup/CollapseGroup to make a certain group to expand or collapse respectively. You could check whether a group is expanded trough the GetIsExpanded method.

Here is quick snippet on how these methods are used:

var dataView = this.listView.GetDataView();
var rootGroups = dataView.GetGroups();

var isFirstExpanded = dataView.GetIsExpanded(rootGroups.First());
//expand a certain group
//collapse a certain group

Additionally, IDataViewCollection provides ExpandItem/CollapseItem methods that take a ListView item as a parameter and expand/collapse the immediate group containing this item.

var lastItem = (listView.ItemsSource as IEnumerable<City>).Last();
var dataView = this.listView.GetDataView();

Handle GroupHeaderTap command

GroupHeaderTap command is raised when a group header of a grouped ListView is tapped. By default, tapping on a group header collapses the group if it is expanded and vice-versa.

By handling GroupHeaderTap command you could control the collapse/expand behavior of a certain group. The next example shows how to prevent the first-level groups from hiding their items.

Please check Commands topic for information on how to use RadListView commands.

First, let’s define the GroupHeaderTapCommand class that derives from ListViewCommand:

    public class GroupHeaderTapCommand : ListViewCommand
        public GroupHeaderTapCommand()
            Id = CommandId.GroupHeaderTap;
        public override bool CanExecute(object parameter)
            return true;
        public override void Execute(object parameter)
            var context = parameter as GroupHeaderContext;
            if (context.Level > 1)
                context.IsExpanded = !context.IsExpanded;

And add the GroupHeaderTapCommand to the Commands collection of the ListView instance:

listView.Commands.Add(new GroupHeaderTapCommand());

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