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Installing UI for WPF from ZIP File

This article describes how to install Telerik UI for WPF manually from a ZIP file.

Downloading ZIP Package

  1. Open the UI for WPF download page following the instructions in the Download Product Files article.

  2. Download the ZIP file and extract it in the desired location. This will give you the UI for WPF dlls along with some additional files.

ZIP Content

When you download and unzip the archive you will get the following folders.

  • Binaries: Contains the XAML version of the Telerik dlls.

  • Binaries.NoXaml: Contains the the NoXaml verison of the Telerik dlls.

    Read more about this in the Xaml vs. NoXaml article.

  • LicenseAgreements: Contains the UI for WPF EULA, and the license agreements of any third party libraries used by UI for WPF.

  • Themes.Implicit: Contains .xaml resource files (ResourceDictionaries) holding all the styles and templates of the Telerik controls.


The manual installing using the files from the .ZIP is actually simply referencing the Telerik dlls in a WPF Visual Studio project. You can follow the instructions on the topic in MSDN and reference the Telerik assemblies.

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