GridView ItemsSourceProvider

By default, RadMultiColumnComboBox will have the RadGridView component integrated as its DropDown. For this purpose, the control utilizes the GridViewItemsSourceProvider. This article will go through the different functionalities of RadGridView supported by the GridViewItemsSourceProvider.


In case when readability needs to be improved, the alternation support comes in handy. The following set of properties are provided for manipulating it.

More information can be found in the Alternating Rows and RowStyleSelector topics.

  • AlternationCount: The interval for each alternated row. For example, if each second row needs to be alternated the value can be set to 2.
  • AlternateRowStyle: The alternated GridViewRow can be styled through it.
  • AlternateRowStyleSelector: Conditional styling support for the alternated rows.


The topic is discussed in details in the Defining Columns article.

These properties affect only the Columns manually defined through the GridViewItemsSourceProvider. All Columns can be accessed through the GridViewDropDownContentManager.Columns after the grid is loaded.

Both manual and automatic column definitions are supported. Also, the width of the columns of RadGridView can be set. The following two properties are exposed by GridViewItemsSourceProvider for this purpose.

  • AutoGenerateColumns: A boolean property determining whether the columns will be automatically or manually generated. Its default value is True.
  • ColumnWidth: The value set to it will be applied to all columns of RadGridView.

Rows Styling

More info can be found in the Styling Rows and RowStyleSelector topics.

In order to style the rows of RadGridView the GridViewItemsSourceProvider provides the following two mechanisms.

  • RowStyle: Through it a Style targeting all GridViewRow elements can be defined.
  • RowStyleSelector: Used in case styling the rows needs to be applied conditionally based on the bound data.

Keyboard support

This functionality is covered in details in the Keyboard Command Provider topic.

By default, RadGridView will execute a certain command corresponding to a given keyboard scenario. GridViewItemsSourceProvider supports implementing a custom Keyboard Command Provider through the CustomCommandProvider property. Thus, the whole user interaction with the control through the keyboard can be customized.

Column Headers and Footers

The visibility of the column headers and footers can be controlled through the following boolean properties of GridViewItemsSourceProvider.

  • ShowColumnHeaders: The default value is True meaning that the column headers will be visible. Setting it to False will hide them.
  • ShowColumnFooters: The default value is False meaning that the column footers will be hidden. Setting it to True will make them visible.


Since R1 2019 SP1, the GridViewItemsSourceProvider exposes the IsReadOnly property through which you can control the IsReadOnly property of the RadGridView control in the dropdown.

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