Key Properties and Methods

The article lists the most important properties and methods of RadMultiColumnComboBox.

Text Change Without Delay

By default, the reaction of RadMultiColumnComboBox to a text change will be deferred. In case when updating needs to be done immediately, the DeferTextChange property can be set to False.

Disable Items Highlighting

With all settings for its AutoCompleteMode, RadMultiColumnComboBox will highlight its items. This can be switched off by setting the HighlightMatches property to False.

Setting Text for an Empty Selection

When there is no selection applied, the control will display an empty AutoCompleteBox. In case a custom text needs to be displayed in it, the NullText property comes in handy.

Example 1: Setting the NullText property

<telerik:RadMultiColumnComboBox VerticalAlignment="Top" DisplayMemberPath="Name"  
                                     NullText="Please enter input"> 
            <telerik:GridViewItemsSourceProvider ItemsSource="{Binding Clubs, Source={StaticResource MyViewModel}}"/> 

Figure 1: MultiColumnComboBox with NullText set

MultiColumnComboBox with NullText set

Open,Close and Toggle the DropDown

The following set of methods is provided for manipulating the visibility of the DropDown.

  • OpenDropDown: Opens the DropDown if it is closed.
  • CloseDropDown: Closes the DropDown if it is opened.
  • ToggleDropDown: Toggles the opened/closed state of the DropDown.

Since R1 2019 SP1, RadMultiColumnComboBox exposes the DropDownElementStyle property. Through it, you can get or set a Style that will be applied to the dropdown element.

The TargetType of the Style should match the type of the dropdown element.

Search Mode

With R2 2019 we introduced a new SearchMode property which allows you to control how items are matched when search is executed. It has the following two possible values:

  • MatchAnyTerm: Items match the search operation when they fulfill any of the search terms. For example, if John Terry is inputted, items containing any of the terms "John" and "Terry" in any of their properties will be matched. This is the default value.
  • MatchAllTerms: Items match the search operation only when they fulfill all of the search terms. Continuing with the previous example, if John Terry is entered as the search text, only items which contain both terms ("John" and "Terry") in any of their properties will be matched.

The SearchMode property takes effect only if the AutoCompleteMode of the control is Search.

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