DropDown Properties

This article describes the set of properties that can be used for manipulating the DropDown of RadMultiColumnComobBox.

Height of the DropDown

The Height of the DropDown element can be set through the DropDownHeight property.

Example 1: Setting the DropDownHeight property

 <telerik:RadMultiColumnComboBox DisplayMemberPath="Name" DropDownHeight="200"> 
            <telerik:GridViewItemsSourceProvider ItemsSource="{Binding Orders, Source={StaticResource ViewModel}}" /> 

Figure 1: Setting the DropDownHeight property

Setting the DropDownHeight property

Width of the DropDown

The Width of the DropDown element can be set through the DropDownWidth property.

Set Max Height or Width of the DropDown

The maximum Width or Height space that the DropDown can take can be controled by the DropDownMaxHeight and DropDownMaxWidth properties.

Disable DropDown Resizing

By default, the user is able to resize the DropDown of the control. This can be altered by setting the boolean CanUserResizeDropDown property of the control to False.

Keep the DropDown Open

When the DropDown of RadMultiColumnComboBox is opened, it will be closed on losing focus. In order to keep it open the KeepDropDownOpen property can be set to True.

Open the DropDown in Input

When receiving an input in the AutoCompleteBox the control will automatically open its DropDown. To disable this, the OpenDropDownOnInput property can be set to False.

Position of the DropDown

RadMultiColumnComboBox provides a predefined set of options for setting the position of the DropDown. They are exposed through the DropDownPlacement property. It is a PlacementMode enumaration and has the following values.

  • Absolute
  • AbsolutePoint
  • Bottom
  • Center
  • Left
  • Mouse
  • MousePoint
  • Relative
  • RelativePoint
  • Right
  • Top

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