Filter on Date value only

Most probably your DateTime data contains a time part which is different from 00:00:00. When you filter and select a DateTime value, this selected DateTime will have its time part equal to zero if you forget to enter the time part.

Since DateTime’s with different time parts are not equal for the .NET Framework, you will have no match.

A possible solution would be to trim the time part of your DateTimes. Alternatively, you may instruct the user to enter both the date and time parts of the date when filtering.

An even better approach would be to bind your column directly to the Date (or Year) property of the DateTime object.

For example: DataMemberBinding="{Binding BirthDate.Date}"

As alternative solution, you can benefit from a property called FilterMemberPath. You can use it to tell the column to filter on a property different from the one it displays in its cells.

For example: FilterMemberPath="BirthDate.Date". You can also check the FilterMemberPath documentation.

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