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Input Modes

This RadDateTimePicker fully replaces the functionality of the RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker controls. When you use a RadDateTimePicker control you might want to specify that you need to use the calendar or the clock independently.

This behavior can be controlled via the InputMode property. The default value gives you both the calendar and the clock views. There are three input modes that correspond to these scenarios:

  • DatePicker - with this input mode your RadDateTimePicker control will show only the calendar view.

  • TimePicker - this input mode lets your RadDateTimePicker control show only the clock view.

  • DateTimePicker - this input mode is the default one and will visualize both the calendar and the clock views.

You can change the value of this property in XAML as shown in this snippet:

<telerik:RadDateTimePicker InputMode="DatePicker"/> 

Here is the result:

WPF RadDateTimePicker DatePicker InputMode

Similarly if you decide to have only the time picker you can choose the TimePicker input mode:

<telerik:RadDateTimePicker InputMode="TimePicker"/> 

This leads to the following result:

WPF RadDateTimePicker TimePicker InputMode

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