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Read-Only Diagram

RadDiagram provides you with plenty of properties that can control the read-only state in different aspects.

RadDiagram Properties For Controlling The Read-Only State

Here is the list of properties that control the read-only state of the diagram in different directions:

  • IsEditable - Indicates whether editing is enabled.

  • IsPanEnabled – Indicates whether panning is enabled.

  • IsZoomEnabled - Indicates whether zooming is enabled.

  • IsResizingEnabled - Indicates whether shape resizing is enabled.

  • IsRotationEnabled - Indicates whether shape rotation is enabled.

  • IsDraggingEnabled - Indicates whether shape dragging is enabled.

  • IsConnectorsManipulationEnabled - Indicates whether connection creating is enabled through the connectors.

  • AllowDelete – Indicates whether item deletion is enabled.

  • AllowDrop – Indicates whether the diagram can accept drop.

  • AllowCopy – Indicates whether item copying is enabled.

  • AllowCut – Indicates whether item cutting is enabled.

  • AllowPaste – Indicates whether item pasting is enabled.

  • SelectionMode – Can choose the selection mode through enumeration:

    • None – selection is disabled.
    • Single – only one can be selection either with Rectangle selection tool or pressing CTRL key.
    • Multiple – selecting items on each click and with Rectangle selection tool.
    • Extended – selecting items with CTRL or using Rectangle selection tool.

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