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Visual Structure

This article describes all the visual elements and terms used in a standard RadRadialMenu control.

WinUI RadRadialMenu Radial Menu-Visual Structure


  • NavigationMenu: Represents the container of the navigation buttons.
  • IconContent: Represents the icon associated with this RadialMenuItemControl.
  • Header: Represents the header associated with this RadialMenuItemControl.
  • RadialMenuButton: Navigates to the parent RadialMeniItem or opens/closes the RadRadialMenu control.
  • RadialMenuItem: Defines a menu item that has Header and Icon.
  • DecorationItemButton: Marks the selected items.
  • Navigation Button: Navigates to the children items of this RadialMenuItem.
  • ArrowGlyph: Represents the glyph displayed in the NavigationItemButton.
  • ContentMenu: Represents the container of the menu items.

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