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The MaskedNumericInput control can be used when you need to display numeric values such as Percent, Decimal, Currency (culture-aware) or Fixed-point values.

Example 1: Adding a RadMaskedNumericInput in XAML to handle currency input

<input:RadMaskedNumericInput Mask="C3" /> 

Standard Numeric Masks

Full list of the supported masks (except "E" and "X") can be found in the following MSDN article: Standard Numeric masks.

The following table lists the supported formats and the resulting type of the value with each format:

Mask Numeric Type Resulting .NET Type
"C" or "c" Currency decimal
"D" or "d" Standard long (int64)
"F" or "f" Fixed-point decimal
"G" or "g" Fixed-point decimal
"N" or "n" Decimal decimal
"P" or "p" Percent double
Other Decimal decimal

When used in a data-binding scenario, the bound property in the viewmodel needs to match the type of the resulting value (or its corresponding nullable equivalent).

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