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This article covers the specific events exposed by the RadMaskedInput controls.

  • ValueChanging: Occurs when the editing value is changing. Through the ValueChangingEventArgs you can get ahold of:

    • NewValue: Gets or sets the new Value to be set to the control.
    • IsValid: Gets or sets a value indicating the new value in considered valid according to internal (mask, regex) and external (application) validation.
    • ValidationErrors: Gets a list of the internal validation errors.
    • ValidationMessage: Gets or sets a validation message for the end user.
    • Cancel: Gets or sets a value indicating whether the event should be canceled.
  • ValueChanged: Occurs when the editing value has been changed. This event is fired if the ValueChanging event is not canceled.

  • ContextMenuOpening: Occurs when the ContextMenu of the TextBox part of the control is opening. Through the ContextMenuEventArgs you can get ahold of the CursorLeft and CursorTop properties, corresponding to the pixel offset of the cursor.

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