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Migration from RadMaskedInput

With the 1.0.0 release, we've decided to split the RadMaskedInput control into different controls, each of which handling a particular user input. They all share common functionality but each one is designed to handle a specific type of input in order to cover a broader set of requirements.

The API of all new components closely mirrors that of the old RadMaskedInput which makes the migration between the old and the new components straight-forward.

However, it is important to note that the RadMaskedInput MaskType property is not available within the new masked input components as instead each component represents a specific type of input.

MaskType Migration

Below you can find a table of the respective new controls corresponding to each of the old MaskType values and the type of their Value property:

Old MaskType New Control New Value type
None RadMaskedTextInput string
Standard RadMaskedTextInput string
Numeric RadMaskedNumericInput object
DateTime RadMaskedDateTimeInput DateTime?
TimeSpan RadMaskedTimeSpanInput TimeSpan?
IP RadMaskedIPInput string
Email RadMaskedEmailInput string
Regex RadMaskedRegexInput string

Updated Properties

Some of the properties which serve a specific purpose only for a particular mask have now been moved and work only for the respective new masked input control.

For example, the ValueFormat, and RestrictToAcii properties are now part of the RadMaskedTextInput's API. Analogically, the ValueFormat has also been exposed by the RadMaskedIPInput control.

The old AllowInvalidValues property has been renamed to AllowOnlyCompletedValues and now has its default value as True. This means that if you now wish to allow invalid input from your users, you have to set the AllowOnlyCompletedValues property to False. This property is only available for the RadMaskedTextInput control.

Removed Extensions Classes

The properties held by the DateTimeMaskedInputExtensions and TimeSpanMaskedInputExtensions classes are now part of the API of the respective RadMaskedDateTimeInput and RadMaskedTimeSpamInput controls.

No-Mask Functionality

The MaskType.None functionality can be achieved by using a RadMaskedTextInput control with its Mask property set to an empty string. Setting an empty mask for the other input controls will result in a default mask for the specific type being used.

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