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Common Properties

This article lists the properties, which are common for all of the different types of hubtiles.

  • Title (object): Gets or sets the Title which is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the control.
  • TitleTemplate (DataTemplate): Gets or sets the DataTemplate that is used to visualize the Title property.
  • Command (ICommand): Gets or sets a command that will be executed when the hub tile is tapped.
  • CommandParameter (object): Gets or sets the command parameter that will be passed to the command assigned to the Command property.
  • IsFrozen (bool): Gets or sets the IsFrozen property. Freezing a RadHubTile means that it will cease to periodically update itself, for example when it is off screen.
  • UpdateInterval (TimeSpan): Gets or sets the UpdateInterval, where "0:0:1" is 1 second. This interval determines how often the tile will update its visual states when it is not frozen.
  • BackContent (object): Gets or sets the back content of the tile. When the back content is set, the tile flips with a swivel animation to its back side and periodically flips between its back and front states.
  • BackContentTemplate (DataTemplate): Gets or sets the DataTemplate that is used to visualize the BackContent property.

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