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Getting Started with WinForms TreeMap

This article shows how you can start using RadTreeMap. Just drag a RadTreeMap from the toolbox and drop it onto the form. Then, define the sample data in a DataTable and bind the control:

RadTreeMap is supported in .NET Framework 4.0 (or higher).

WinForms RadTreeMap Getting Started

DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt.Columns.Add("Country", typeof(string));
dt.Columns.Add("Population", typeof(float));
dt.Columns.Add("Continent", typeof(string));

dt.Rows.Add("Italy", 59.55f, "Europe");
dt.Rows.Add("France", 67.39f, "Europe");
dt.Rows.Add("Germany", 83.24f, "Europe");
dt.Rows.Add("Spain", 47.35f, "Europe");
dt.Rows.Add("Bulgaria", 6.9f, "Europe");

dt.Rows.Add("Egypt", 102.3f, "Africa");
dt.Rows.Add("Marocco", 36.9f, "Africa");
dt.Rows.Add("Kenia", 53.77f, "Africa");
dt.Rows.Add("Mali", 20.25f, "Africa");

this.radTreeMap1.DisplayMember = "Country";
this.radTreeMap1.ValueMember = "Population";
this.radTreeMap1.DataSource = dt;

Dim dt As DataTable = New DataTable()
dt.Columns.Add("Country", GetType(String))
dt.Columns.Add("Population", GetType(Single))
dt.Columns.Add("Continent", GetType(String))

dt.Rows.Add("Italy", 59.55F, "Europe")
dt.Rows.Add("France", 67.39F, "Europe")
dt.Rows.Add("Germany", 83.24F, "Europe")
dt.Rows.Add("Spain", 47.35F, "Europe")
dt.Rows.Add("Bulgaria", 6.9F, "Europe")

dt.Rows.Add("Egypt", 102.3F, "Africa")
dt.Rows.Add("Marocco", 36.9F, "Africa")
dt.Rows.Add("Kenia", 53.77F, "Africa")
dt.Rows.Add("Mali", 20.25F, "Africa")

Me.radTreeMap1.DisplayMember = "Country"
Me.radTreeMap1.ValueMember = "Population"
Me.radTreeMap1.DataSource = dt

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