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Data Binding

Data binding is a mechanism for automatic population of the RadTreeMap with items, based on the provided data structure. Three properties control the data binding:

  • DataSource - specifies the data structure to be bound.

  • DisplayMember - specifies the particular field in the data source which will be used from the items in RadTreeMap for their Text.

  • ValueMember - specifies the particular field in the data source which controls the value for each item.

RadTreeMap supports data binding either at design time or at run time. Both of the approaches will lead to the same result:

treemap-data-binding 011

Run Time

this.radTreeMap1.DisplayMember = "ProductName";
this.radTreeMap1.ValueMember = "ProductID";
this.radTreeMap1.DataSource = this.productsBindingSource;

Me.radTreeMap1.DisplayMember = "ProductName"
Me.radTreeMap1.ValueMember = "ProductID"
Me.radTreeMap1.DataSource = Me.productsBindingSource

Design Time

It is possible to specify the DataSource, DisplayMember, ValueMember properties via the Smart Tag. The following tutorial demonstrates how to bind the tree map control to the Northwind.Products table:

treemap-data-binding 001

treemap-data-binding 002

treemap-data-binding 003

treemap-data-binding 004

treemap-data-binding 005

treemap-data-binding 006

treemap-data-binding 007

treemap-data-binding 008

treemap-data-binding 009

treemap-data-binding 010

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