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Getting Started with WinForms StepProgressBar

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a sample application that contains RadStepProgressBar.

The following picture shows the final result produced by the code of this tutorial.

WinForms RadStepProgressBar Getting Started

The design may vary according to the applied theme to the application.

Defining RadStepProgressBar

To start using the RadStepProgressBar control, you can just populate its Items collection with StepProgressItem objects. Each StepProgressItem will produce a step visual element with track bar rendered between the steps. The following example shows how to add 5 steps along with text to each step added via several properties of the StepProgressItem elements.

private void CreateStepProgressBar()
    var stepProgressBar = new RadStepProgressBar();
    stepProgressBar.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
    var item1 = new StepProgressItem() {FirstHeader="Step 1", SecondHeader = "New", SecondDescription = "Unassigned" };
    var item2 = new StepProgressItem() {FirstHeader="Step 2", SecondHeader = "InProgress", SecondDescription = "Dev" };
    var item3 = new StepProgressItem() {FirstHeader="Step 3", SecondHeader = "ReadyForTest", SecondDescription = "Dev" };
    var item4 = new StepProgressItem() {FirstHeader="Step 4", SecondHeader = "Testing", SecondDescription = "QA", Progress = 61, };
    var item5 = new StepProgressItem() {FirstHeader="Step 5", SecondHeader = "Done", SecondDescription = "N/A" };

Private Sub CreateStepProgressBar()
    Dim stepProgressBar = New RadStepProgressBar()
    stepProgressBar.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
    Dim item1 = New StepProgressItem() With {
        .FirstHeader = "Step 1",
        .SecondHeader = "New",
        .SecondDescription = "Unassigned"
    Dim item2 = New StepProgressItem() With {
        .FirstHeader = "Step 2",
        .SecondHeader = "InProgress",
        .SecondDescription = "Dev"
    Dim item3 = New StepProgressItem() With {
        .FirstHeader = "Step 3",
        .SecondHeader = "ReadyForTest",
        .SecondDescription = "Dev"
    Dim item4 = New StepProgressItem() With {
        .FirstHeader = "Step 4",
        .SecondHeader = "Testing",
        .SecondDescription = "QA",
        .Progress = 61
    Dim item5 = New StepProgressItem() With {
        .FirstHeader = "Step 5",
        .SecondHeader = "Done",
        .SecondDescription = "N/A"
End Sub

When you run the project, you can observe that the first step is complete. While the second one is half completed. Each step has two headers and two descriptions thus allowing you to add detailed information about each step.

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