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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadStepProgressBar control.

WinForms RadStepProgressBar Structure

The RadStepProgressBarElement represents the entire RadStepProgressBar control. Any settings you make at this level will be inherited by all elements further down in the tree.

  • StepIndicator: Represents the StepIndicator element of the StepProgressItem.
  • FirstHeader: Represents the first header of the first content element.
  • FirstDescription: Represents the first description of the first content element.
  • SecondHeader: Represents the second header of the second content element.
  • SecondDescription: Represents the second description of the second content element.
  • Connection: Represents the StepConnectionElement of the StepIndicator.
  • StepIndicator InProgress: Represents StepIndicator in progress.

Elements Hierarchy

WinForms RadStepProgressBar Elements Hierarchy

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