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RadTaskbarButton exposes Microsoft API to set tooltip text on its thumbnail preview container or its thumbnail buttons.

To set a ToolTip on the thumbnail preview part of the control, you can use the ThumbnailTooltip property of RadTaskbarButton.

this.radTaskbarButton1.ThumbnailTooltip = "My RadTaskbar Button ToolTip";

Me.RadTaskbarButton1.ThumbnailTooltip = "My RadTaskbar Button ToolTip"

Figure 1: ThumbnailTooltip

WinForms RadTaskbarButton Thumbnail Tooltip

To set ToolTip to the thumbnail buttons, you can dirrectly use their ToolTip property.

this.radTaskbarButton1.ThumbnailButtons[1].ToolTip = "Telerik WinForms";

Me.RadTaskbarButton1.ThumbnailButtons[1].ToolTip = "Telerik WinForms"

Figure 2: Thumbnail Buttons Tooltip

WinForms RadTaskbarButton Thumbnail Buttons Tooltip

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