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Property Description
OwnerForm The form that is represented on the task bar.
ThumbnailButtons Gets the thumbnail buttons collection.
ThumbnailButtonsImageList Gets or sets the ImageList that contains the images displayed by the thumbnail buttons.
OverlayIcon Gets or sets the overlay icon used to be displayed over the taskbar button.
ProgressState Gets or sets the progress state displayed over the taskbar button.
ProgressPercentages Gets or sets the progress value displayed over the taskbar button in percents.
ClipRectangle Gets or sets the clip rectangle of the thumbnail preview. Note that when this property is assigned the ClipControl property will be reset.
ClipControl Gets or sets the clip control of the thumbnail preview.
ThumbnailTooltip Gets or sets the thumbnail toltip text.


Event Description
ThumbnailButtonClick Occurs when a RadThumbnailButton has been clicked.



Property Description
Tag Tag object that can be used to store user data, taht correcposnds to this button.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the image list index value of the image displayed on the button control.
ImageKey Gets or sets the key accessor for the image in the ImageList.
Icon Gets or sets the Icon displayed in this button.
ToolTip Gets or sets the tool tip text.
Enabled Gets or sets a value indicating, whether the buttons is enabled.
DismissOnClick When the button is clicked, the taskbar button's flyout closes immediately.
NoBackground Do not draw a button border, use only the image.
Hidden The button is not shown to the user.
NonInteractive The button is enabled but not interactive: no pressed button state is drawn. This value is intended for instances where the button is used in a notification.


Event Description



Method Description
Flash Flashes the specified window. It does not change the active state of the window.
FlashUntilActive Flashes the specified window until it is activated. Note that if the window is currently active the flash will not begin.
StopFlash Stops the flashing of the specified window.
FlashCore Flashes the specified window. It does not change the active state of the window.
SetOverlayIcon Applies an overlay to a taskbar button to indicate application status or a notification to the user.
SetProgressState Sets the type and state of the progress indicator displayed on a taskbar button.
SetProgressValue Displays or updates a progress bar hosted in a taskbar button to show the specific percentage completed of the full operation.
SetThumbnailClip Selects a portion of a window's client area to display as that window's thumbnail in the taskbar.
SetThumbnailTooltip Specifies or updates the text of the tooltip that is displayed when the mouse pointer rests on an individual preview thumbnail in a taskbar button flyout.
ThumbBarSetImageList Specifies an image list that contains button images for a toolbar embedded in a thumbnail image of a window in a taskbar button flyout.
MarkFullscreenWindow Marks a window as full-screen.
AddTab Adds an item to the taskbar.
DeleteTab Deletes an item from the taskbar.
ActivateTab Activates an item on the taskbar. The window is not actually activated; the window's item on the taskbar is merely displayed as active.
RegisterTab Informs the taskbar that a new tab or document thumbnail has been provided for display in an application's taskbar group flyout.
UnregisterTab Removes a thumbnail from an application's preview group when that tab or document is closed in the application.
SetTabProperties Allows a tab to specify whether the main application frame window or the tab window should be used as a thumbnail or in the peek feature under certain circumstances.
SetTabOrder Inserts a new thumbnail into a tabbed-document interface (TDI) or multiple-document interface (MDI) application's group flyout or moves an existing thumbnail to a new position in the application's group.
SetTabActive Informs the taskbar that a tab or document window has been made the active window.
SetActiveAlt Marks a taskbar item as active but does not visually activate it.

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