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Getting Started with WinForms Taskbar

Before proceeding further with this article, it is recommended to get familiar with the Windows Taskbar's structure and how the different parts are being organized: Structure.

Let's consider that you already have an existing Windows Forms application. Otherwise, create a new project using one of the Visual Studio Templates. By default, when the application is running, the following button is shown in the Taskbar:

WinForms TaskbarButton Default Button

This article demonstrates how to customize this visual representation.

1. Drag the RadTaskbarButton component from the Visual Studio Toolbox and drop it onto the form:

WinForms TaskbarButton Toolbox

2. Select the RadTaskbarButton component and in the Visual Studio Properties section select which control on the form (or the form itself) will be the ClipControl, specify the ProgressState and set the ThumbnailTooltip.

WinForms TaskbarButton Properties

3. Clicking the ThumbnailButtons opens the RadThumbnailButton Collection Editor from where you can add two RadThumbnailButtons:

WinForms TaskbarButton ThumbnailButtons

4. Save the changes and run the application:

WinForms TaskbarButton Result

5. Setting the OverlayIcon in the Visual Studio Properties allows you to put an icon to the taskbar button:

WinForms TaskbarButton OverlayIcon

RadTaskbarButton does not provide any UI element. It just offers convenient API for specifying the content displayed for your application on the Windows Taskbar. The exact visualization depends on the Windows version.

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