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Design Time

To start using RadTaskBoard, just drag it from the toolbox and drop it onto the form.

Smart Tag

Select RadTaskBoard and click the small arrow on the top right position in order to open the Smart Tag.

WinForms RadTaskBoard Smart Tag

It is possible to fine-tune the default columns' settings such as column width, collapsed column width, add button's height, add columns, add users etc.

Adding Columns

Click the browse button next to the Columns property in the Smart Tag. This will show the Collection Editor allowing you to add columns to RadTaskBoard. The TaskCardCollection editor allows you to add as many task cards as needed for every defined column:

WinForms RadTaskBoard Columns Collection Editor

WinForms RadTaskBoard Add Items to the collection

Adding Users

Click the browse button next to the Users property in the Smart Tag. This will show the Collection Editor allowing you to add users to RadTaskBoard.

WinForms RadTaskBoard Adding Users

Adding Task Cards to Columns

Each column also offers its own Smart Tag. Just select the column element at design time. Thus, you can specify the column specific settings:

WinForms RadTaskBoard Column's Smart Tag

Clicking the "Edit task cards" option opens the collection editor allowing you to define task card elements for the particular column:

WinForms RadTaskBoard Edit task cards

Once the task cards are added, select the desired task card element and open its Smart Tag to specify the title, description, users, sub tasks, etc.

WinForms RadTaskBoard Task's SmartTag

In the Properties window on the right side in Visual Studio, it is possible to specify the accent color for the task card, the accent width or whether the accent indicator to be visible or not:

WinForms RadTaskBoard Properties

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