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Drag Drop

By default, RadTaskBoard supports task cards drag and drop functionality. Just drag a task card and move it to a new place within the same column or to a new column.

As a descendant of RadDragDropService, RadTaskBoardDragDropService handles the whole drag and drop operation. The PreviewDragOver event allows you to control on what targets the task card being dragged can be dropped on. The PreviewDragDrop event allows you to get a handle on all the aspects of the drag and drop operation, the source (drag) control/element, the destination (target) control/element, as well as the task card being dragged. This is where we will initiate the actual physical move of the task(s) from one column to the target column or from one RadTaskBoard to another.

RadTaskBoardDragDropService offers a convenient API for customizing the whole drag and drop operation in RadTaskBoard.

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