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RadRichTextEditor is a control that is able to display and edit rich-text content including formatted text arranged in pages, paragraphs, spans (runs), tables, etc.

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The RichTextEditor is part of Telerik UI for WinForms, a professional grade UI library with 140+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

RadRichTextEditor requires .NET Framework 4.0 and cannot be used with an older version.

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  • Rich Text Formatting - Telerik RadRichTextEditor control allows you to edit text and apply rich formatting options, like:

    • Bold, Italic

    • Underline, Strike Through, Superscript and Subscript

    • Usage of all available system fonts

    • Text color and background

    • Bullet and numbered lists

    • Paragraph alignment and indentation

    • Show/Hide formatting symbols

    • Clear Formatting

  • Inserting pictures/symbols/hyperlinks - Read more

  • Table support – including nested tables, merging cells, setting different RowSpan and ColumnSpan, tables with auto width and more. Read more

  • Section Columns You can arrange the text into columns with equal or different width and set a separator between them. Find more information on how to use this feature in the Section Columns UI and Section Columns API articles.

  • Format Painter The Format Painter feature enables you to copy the formatting of a particular content and paste it on other elements, so you can easily achieve the desired format. For more information about this functionality, check the Format Painter topic.

  • ContextMenu - a standard one is provided out of the box, but it can be easily customized or substituted for a user-defined one. Read more

  • SelectionMiniToolbar - very similar to the one in MS Word, but can also be replaced with another. Read more

  • SpellChecker - extensible spell checking for different languages, using built-in or custom dictionaries. Read more

  • Printing - RadRichTextEditor supports printing out of the box. Read more

  • Multi-level Undo/Redo Support - Telerik RadRichTextEditor provides desktop-like usability and control thanks to its multilevel Undo/Redo feature. It allows past actions to be reviewed and reversed, just like in Microsoft Word. Read more

  • Three types of layout – Paged, Flow (as text in an HTML page viewed in a browser) and FlowNoWrap. Read more

  • Multi-region selection - the built-in multi-region support enables you to perform various operations for more than one selection simultaneously. Read more

  • Rich-text clipboard - allows rich text copy/paste from Word, OpenOffice etc. Read more

  • Import/export - with Telerik RadRichTextEditor control you can load XAML, HTML, RTF, DocX (rich-text) or TXT (plain text) into the control, you can format and edit it and then export it back to any of the above formats or PDF. Read more

  • Headers and Footers - RadRichTextEditor supports headers and footers in its document. Read more

  • Track changes - adding and removing of text, images, hyperlinks, tables, etc. and formatting changes of these elements can be tracked by different users. Read more

  • Bookmarks - provide easy retrieval of previously marked parts of the document. Read more

  • Comments - offer the ability to add text to the document which is not inserted directly in the page. Read more

  • Document protection - allows editing restrictions in the document for a set of users and groups. Read more

  • Mail merge - makes populating a template document with data easy. Read more

  • Custom annotations - enables you to extend the document model in order to serve specific needs. Read more

  • Footnotes and Endnotes - usually used to show the source of a material or add an explanation. Read more

  • Bibliographic references - can be used for referencing a source in the form of text or pointing the source of a citation. Read more

  • Cross-references - references to a Heading, Caption or Bookmark can now change along with their source. Read more

  • Captions for tables and figures - images, tables, etc. can now be easily labeled. Read more

  • Document variables - a mechanism used for storing information in the document. Read more

  • Code blocks - provide the ability to add source code fragments in a document. Read more

  • IME support - RadRichTextEditor supports IME out the box.

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