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Captions for Tables and Figures

In Telerik's RadRichTextEditor you can easily insert images, tables, etc. Now it is possible to label these by inserting captions. This article will help you define an image or a table and then refer to it later.

Insert Caption

You can open the Caption window by clicking on the Insert Caption button.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Insert Caption

If the caret is inside a table, the dialog would look like this:

WinForms RadRichTextEditor

Caption Preview

On the top there is a preview of the caption text that would be inserted. In this case we haven’t inserted any other captions with label "Table" so the number that follows is 1. That number represents the number of captions inserted before that one with the same label.


You can select different options. The first one is Label. From here you can select the label text. By default, you have two options – Figure and Table.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Caption Preview Options

You can also specify the Position of the caption - Above selected item or Below selected item

We will have this option only if the caret is in a table or on an image. Otherwise, it will be disabled.

Creating and Deleting Labels

You can add new labels by using the New Label… dialog and of course delete old ones with the Delete Label button.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Creating and Deleting Labels

You cannot delete the two default labels - Figure and Table

When Exclude label from caption checkbox is checked the label text will be removed and only the number will be left.


You can control how the numbering is displayed by using the Format ComboBox. You can see the available formats in the picture below. By default the (“1, 2, 3, …”) format is selected.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Format

Include Chapter Number

When the Include chapter number check box is checked, every time you insert a Caption in a new section, the numbering is restarted. That’s why the preview now looks like this:

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Include Chapter Number

The first number shows the bullet of the section you are currently in, and the second number shows the number of Captions being inserted in this section.

A section is defined by the Heading styles, but only when they are in a list. You can choose which Heading style the chapter starts from and what separator to use. There are several available separators – hyphen, period, colon.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Include Chapter Number Suggestion Dialog


Clicking on the OK button will insert the Caption. It would look like this:

WinForms RadRichTextEditor Insert Caption

Here the Below selected item position is chosen, : for separator and A, B, C… for formatting.

Inserting a Caption using RadRichTextEditor's API

Using Telerik's rich text editor's API is pretty straight forward. There is a method called InsertCaption() on RadRichTextEditor which you can use to insert a new Caption into the document with a custom label.

The CaptionDefinition class contains viable information for the creation of the caption like Label, NumberingFormat and SeparatorType. The "caption" parameter is of type string and represents the text in the caption that will be inserted after the number (also known as caption text). The "includeLabel" parameter is of type Boolean and if true will include the label text to the caption. The "insertBelow" parameter is of type Boolean as well and if true will insert the caption below the table or figure. So, in order to insert a caption using this method you would do something like:

CaptionDefinition captionDefinition = new CaptionDefinition();
captionDefinition.Label = "testLabel";
captionDefinition.NumberingFormat = NumberingFormat.Arabic;
captionDefinition.SeparatorType = CaptionSeparatorType.Colon;
this.radRichTextEditor1.InsertCaption(captionDefinition, "captionText", true, true);

Dim captionDefinition As New CaptionDefinition()
captionDefinition.Label = "testLabel"
captionDefinition.NumberingFormat = NumberingFormat.Arabic
captionDefinition.SeparatorType = CaptionSeparatorType.Colon
Me.radRichTextEditor1.InsertCaption(captionDefinition, "captionText", True, True)

The RadDocument contains the two default CaptionDefinitions by default. They reside in a collection called "CaptionDefinitions" which is of type Dictionary. If you want to insert a caption of a default type, you can do as follow:

this.radRichTextEditor1.InsertCaption(this.radRichTextEditor1.Document.CaptionDefinitions["Table"], "captionText", true, true);

Me.radRichTextEditor1.InsertCaption(Me.radRichTextEditor1.Document.CaptionDefinitions("Table"), "captionText", True, True)

This code will insert a default caption with label Table.

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