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To change the default English localization provider you should use the CurrentProvider static property of the RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider class. For example, you can load the string from a XML file like this:

RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.FromFile(@"C:\RichTextBoxStrings.xml");

RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.FromFile("C:\RichTextBoxStrings.xml")

You can download a XML file that contains all the currently used strings from here: Strings file

As of R2 2015 RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider contains all strings related to the RadRichTextEditorRibbonUI as well.

Another approach is to create a custom localization provider class which inherits RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider. In it you should just override the GetLocalizedString method and return the localized string depending on current id.

public class MyRichTextBoxLocalizationProvider : RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider
    public override string GetLocalizedString(string id)
        switch (id)
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_FindNext":
                return "Weitersuchen";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_Header":
                return "Suchen und Ersetzen";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_Replace":
                return "Ersetzen";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_ReplaceAll":
                return "Alle ersetzen";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_ReplaceWith":
                return "Ersetzen durch";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_TextToFind":
                return "Suchen nach";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_RestartSearch":
                return "Zeigen unten die Multifunktionsleiste";
            case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_SearchedTextNotFound":
                return "Der Suchbegriff wurde nicht gefunden";
            case "RibbonUI_BackstageButtonPrint":
                return "Druck";

        return base.GetLocalizedString(id);

Public Class MyRichTextBoxLocalizationProvider
    Inherits RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider
    Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As String) As String
        Select Case id
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_FindNext"
                Return "Weitersuchen"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_Header"
                Return "Suchen und Ersetzen"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_Replace"
                Return "Ersetzen"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_ReplaceAll"
                Return "Alle ersetzen"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_ReplaceWith"
                Return "Ersetzen durch"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_TextToFind"
                Return "Suchen nach"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_RestartSearch"
                Return "Zeigen unten die Multifunktionsleiste"
            Case "Documents_FindReplaceDialog_SearchedTextNotFound"
                Return "Der Suchbegriff wurde nicht gefunden"
            Case "RibbonUI_BackstageButtonPrint"
                Return "Druck"
        End Select
        Return MyBase.GetLocalizedString(id)
    End Function
End Class

The following code snippet shows how you can use the new class:

RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = new MyRichTextBoxLocalizationProvider();


RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = New MyRichTextBoxLocalizationProvider()

It is necessary to specify the RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider. CurrentProvider property before initializing the components.

Fig.1 RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider

richtexteditor-localization 001

Fig.2 Localize RadRichTextEditorRibbonUI

richtexteditor-localization 002

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