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The RadRichTextEditor control exposes a full set of commands that are exposed through its Commands property. For each of the Formatting API methods there is a respective command.

The following list shows all available RadRichTextEditor commands.


Property Description
TabBackwardCommand Tab Backward Command.
TabForwardCommand Tab Forward Command.
NewDocumentCommand New Document Command.
OpenDocumentCommand Open Document Command.
PrintCommand Print Command.
PrintPreviewCommand Print Preview Command.
SaveCommand Save Command.
MultipleUndoCommand Multiple Undo Command.
UndoCommand Undo Command.
RedoCommand Redo Command.
ChangeFontFamilyCommand Change Font Family Command.
ChangeFontSizeCommand Change Font Size Command.
ChangeFontForeColorCommand Change Font Fore Color Command.
ChangeFontHighlightColorCommand Change Font Highlight Color Command.
ToggleBoldCommand Toggle Bold Command.
ToggleItalicCommand Toggle Italic Command.
ToggleStrikethroughCommand Toggle Strikethrough Command.
ToggleSubscriptCommand Toggle Subscript Command.
ToggleSuperscriptCommand Toggle Superscript Command.
ToggleUnderlineCommand Toggle Underline Command.
ToggleFormattingSymbolsCommand Toggle Formatting Symbols Command.
ChangeFormatPainterStateCommand Change Format Painter State Command.
IncrementFontSizeCommand Increment Font Size Command.
DecrementFontSizeCommand Decrement Font Size Command.
ToggleBulletsCommand Toggle Bullets Command.
ToggleNumberedCommand Toggle Numbered Command.
ChangeListStyleCommand Change List Style Command.
ChangeTextAlignmentCommand Change Text Alignment Command.
ChangeParagraphFlowDirectionCommand Change Paragraph Flow Direction Command.
IncrementParagraphLeftIndentCommand Increment Paragraph Left Indent Command.
DecrementParagraphLeftIndentCommand Decrement Paragraph Left Indent Command.
ChangeUnderlineDecorationCommand Change Underline Decoration Command.
ChangeParagraphListLevelCommand Change Paragraph List Level Command.
IncrementParagraphListLevelCommand Increment Paragraph List Level Command.
DecrementParagraphListLevelCommand Decrement Paragraph List Level Command.
ChangeLayoutModeCommand Change Layout Mode Command.
ClearAllFormattingCommand Clear All Formatting Command.
ClearFormattingCommand Clear Formatting Command.
CopyCommand Copy Command.
CopyFormattingCommand Copy Formatting Command.
CutCommand Cut Command.
PasteCommand Paste Command.
PasteFormattingCommand Paste Formatting Command.
CancelFormatPainterCommand Cancel Format Painter Command.
DeleteCommand Delete Command.
InsertTextCommand Insert Text Command.
InsertDocumentFragmentCommand Insert Document Fragment Command.
InsertSectionBreakCommand Insert Section Break Command.
InsertPageBreakCommand Insert Page Break Command.
InsertLineBreakCommand Insert Line Break Command.
InsertColumnBreakCommand Insert Column Break Command.
InsertNonBreakingSpaceCommand Insert Non Breaking Space Command.
InsertBreakCommand Insert Break Command.
InsertPictureCommand Insert Picture Command.
ShowInsertHyperlinkDialogCommand Show Insert Hyperlink Dialog Command.
ShowManageBookmarksDialogCommand Show Manage Bookmarks Dialog Command.
ShowInsertSymbolWindowCommand Show Insert Symbol Window Command.
ShowInsertCrossReferenceWindowCommand Show Insert Cross Reference Window Command.
ShowInsertTableOfContentsDialogCommand Show Insert Table Of Contents Dialog Command.
ShowInsertCaptionDialogCommand Show Insert Caption Dialog Command.
ShowParagraphPropertiesDialogCommand Show Paragraph Properties Dialog Command.
ShowSectionColumnsDialogCommand Show Section Columns Dialog Command.
ChangePageMarginsCommand Change Page Margins Command.
ChangePageOrientationCommand Change Page Orientation Command.
ChangePaperTypeCommand Change Paper Type Command.
ShowFindReplaceDialogCommand Show Find Replace Dialog Command.
ShowFontPropertiesDialogCommand Show Font Properties Dialog Command.
ShowTablePropertiesDialogCommand Show Table Properties Dialog Command.
ShowTableBordersDialogCommand Show Table Borders Dialog Command.
ShowSpellCheckingDialogCommand Show Spell Checking Dialog Command.
ShowInsertTableDialogCommand Show Insert Table Dialog Command.
InsertTableCommand Insert Table Command.
InsertTableColumnCommand Insert Table Column Command.
InsertTableColumnToTheLeftCommand Insert Table Column To The Left Command.
InsertTableColumnToTheRightCommand Insert Table Column To The Right Command.
InsertTableRowCommand Insert Table Row Command.
InsertTableRowAboveCommand Insert Table Row Above Command.
InsertTableRowBelowCommand Insert Table Row Below Command.
SelectTableEmptyCommand Select Table Empty Command.
SelectTableCommand Select Table Command.
SelectTableCellCommand Select Table Cell Command.
SelectTableRowCommand Select Table Row Command.
SelectTableColumnCommand Select Table Column Command.
DeleteTableCommand Delete Table Command.
DeleteTableRowCommand Delete Table Row Command.
DeleteTableColumnCommand Delete Table Column Command.
ToggleTableLookFirstRowOptionCommand Toggle Table Look First Row Option Command.
ToggleTableLookLastRowOptionCommand Toggle Table Look Last Row Option Command.
ToggleTableLookFirstColumnOptionCommand Toggle Table Look First Column Option Command.
ToggleTableLookLastColumnOptionCommand Toggle Table Look Last Column Option Command.
ToggleTableLookRowBandingOptionCommand Toggle Table Look Row Banding Option Command.
ToggleTableLookColumnBandingOptionCommand Toggle Table Look Column Banding Option Command.
MergeTableCellsCommand Merge Table Cells Command.
ToggleTableRowRepeatOnEveryPageCommand Toggle Table Row Repeat On Every Page Command.
UnmergeTableCellsCommand Unmerge Table Cells Command.
ToggleSpellCheckingCommand Toggle Spell Checking Command.
OpenContextMenuOnNextSpellingErrorCommand Open Context Menu On Next Spelling Error Command.
TableCellContentAlignmentCommand Table Cell Content Alignment Command.
ChangeTableColumnsLayoutModeCommand Change Table Columns Layout Mode Command.
ChangeParagraphBackgroundColorCommand Change Paragraph Background Color Command.
MoveCaretCommand Move Caret Command.
SelectAllCommand Select All Command.
InsertCommentCommand Insert Comment Command.
RemoveHyperlinkCommand Remove Hyperlink Command.
DeleteCommentCommand Delete Comment Command.
DeleteAllCommentsCommand Delete All Comments Command.
GoToNextCommentCommand Go To Next Comment Command.
GoToPreviousCommentCommand Go To Previous Comment Command.
GoToNextRevisionCommand Go To Next Revision Command.
GoToPreviousRevisionCommand Go To Previous Revision Command.
AcceptRevisionCommand Accept Revision Command.
RejectRevisionCommand Reject Revision Command.
AcceptAllRevisionsCommand Accept All Revisions Command.
RejectAllRevisionsCommand Reject All Revisions Command.
ToggleTrackChangesCommand Toggle Track Changes Command.
SelectHyperlinkCommand Select Hyperlink Command.
ToggleCommentsCommand Toggle Comments Command.
OpenHyperlinkCommand Open Hyperlink Command.
CopyHyperlinkCommand Copy Hyperlink Command.
ShowImageEditorCommand Show Image Editor Command.
ChangeSectionColumnsCommand Change Section Columns Command.
ChangeSectionHeaderTopMarginCommand Change Section Header Top Margin Command.
ChangeSectionFooterBottomMarginCommand Change Section Footer Bottom Margin Command.
ToggleDifferentFirstPageHeaderFooterCommand Toggle Different First Page Header Footer Command.
ToggleDifferentOddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooterCommand Toggle Different Odd And Even Pages Header Footer Command.
ShowFloatingBlockPropertiesDialogCommand Show Floating Block Properties Dialog Command.
ShowTabStopsPropertiesDialogCommand Show Tab Stops Properties Dialog Command.
ChangeImageWrappingStyleCommand Change Image Wrapping Style Command.
ConvertImageToImageInlineCommand Convert Image To Image Inline Command.
InsertFieldCommand Insert Field Command.
InsertCitationFieldCommand Insert Citation Field Command.
InsertBibliographyFieldCommand Insert Bibliography Field Command.
ShowAddNewBibliographicReferenceDialogCommand Show Add New Bibliographic Reference Dialog Command.
ShowManageBibliographicSourcesDialogCommand Show Manage Bibliographic Sources Dialog Command.
InsertPageFieldCommand Insert Page Field Command.
ToggleFieldDisplayModeCommand Toggle Field Display Mode Command.
ChangeAllFieldsDisplayModeCommand Change All Fields Display Mode Command.
PreviewFirstMailMergeDataRecordCommand Preview First Mail Merge Data Record Command.
PreviewPreviousMailMergeDataRecordCommand Preview Previous Mail Merge Data Record Command.
PreviewNextMailMergeDataRecordCommand Preview Next Mail Merge Data Record Command.
PreviewLastMailMergeDataRecordCommand Preview Last Mail Merge Data Record Command.
InsertMergeFieldEmptyCommand Insert Merge Field Empty Command.
MailMergeCommand Mail Merge Command.
ToggleMergeFieldsHighlightCommand Toggle Merge Fields Highlight Command.
UpdateFieldCommand Update Field Command.
UpdateAllFieldsCommand Update All Fields Command.
RestartNumberingCommand Restart Numbering Command.
ContinueNumberingCommand Continue Numbering Command.
ChangeBibliographicStyleCommand Change Bibliographic Style Command.
ShowInsertDateTimeDialogCommand Show Insert Date Time Dialog Command.
ShowSetNumberingValueDialogCommand Show Set Numbering Value Dialog Command.
EditHeaderCommand Edit Header Command.
EditFooterCommand Edit Footer Command.
ChangeUnderlineColorCommand Change Underline Color Command.
ExitHeaderFooterEditModeCommand Exit Header Footer Edit Mode Command.
MoveSelectionCommand Move Selection Command.
ShowStyleFormattingPropertiesDialogCommand Show Style Formatting Properties Dialog Command.
ShowManageStylesDialogCommand Show Manage Styles Dialog Command.
InsertSdtCommand Insert Sdt Command.
ShowContentControlPropertiesDialogCommand Show Content Control Properties Dialog Command.
ShowDefineNewListStyleDialogCommand Show Define New List Style Dialog Command.
ToggleDocumentProtectionCommand Toggle Document Protection Command.
ShowChangeEditingPermissionsDialogCommand Show Change Editing Permissions Dialog Command.
ChangeStyleNameCommand Change Style Name Command.
ToggleHeaderFooterLinkToPreviousCommand Toggle Header Footer Link To Previous Command.
ShowWatermarkSettingsDialogCommand Show Watermark Settings Dialog Command.
ShowCodeFormattingDialogCommand Show Code Formatting Dialog Command.
DeleteCodeBlockCommand Delete Code Block Command.
RemoveWatermarkCommand Remove Watermark Command.
ChangeIntegratedWatermarkTypeCommand Change Integrated Watermark Type Command.
InsertFootnoteCommand Insert Footnote Command.
InsertEndnoteCommand Insert Endnote Command.
ShowNotesDialogCommand Show Notes Dialog Command.
GoToNextFootnoteCommand Go To Next Footnote Command.
GoToPreviousFootnoteCommand Go To Previous Footnote Command.
GoToNextEndnoteCommand Go To Next Endnote Command.
GoToPreviousEndnoteCommand Go To Previous Endnote Command.
IncrementPageWidthCommand Increment Page Width Command.
DecrementPageWidthCommand Decrement Page Width Command.
InsertLineNumberingCommand Adds line numbering to the selected sections.
SuppressLineNumberingForCurrentParagraphCommand Disables the numbering for the currently selected paragraph(s).
ShowLineNumberingDialogCommand Opens the dialog enabling users to set different line numbering options.

Here is an example with a RadToggleButton control.

private RadToggleButton boldButton;

public Commands()
    this.boldButton = new RadToggleButton();
    this.boldButton.Text = "Bold";
    this.boldButton.Click += this.boldButton_Click;
    this.boldButton.Location = new Point(10, 10);

private void boldButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Private boldButton As RadToggleButton
Public Sub New()
    Me.boldButton = New RadToggleButton()
    Me.boldButton.Text = "Bold"
    AddHandler Me.boldButton.Click, AddressOf Me.boldButton_Click
    Me.boldButton.Location = New Point(10, 10)
End Sub
Private Sub boldButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
End Sub

Now, every time the button is clicked it will toggle the boldness of the current selection. The thing it won't do is to response to the current state of the selection. For example, if the context of the caret is a bold text, the button won't get automatically toggled. In order to implement this behavior you have to handle the ToggleStateChanged event of the ToggleBoldCommand. Here is an example.

private void Commands_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.radRichTextEditor1.Commands.ToggleBoldCommand.ToggleStateChanged += this.ToggleBoldCommand_ToggleStateChanged;

public void ToggleBoldCommand_ToggleStateChanged(object sender, StylePropertyChangedEventArgs<bool> e)
    this.boldButton.IsChecked = e.NewValue;

Private Sub Commands_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    AddHandler Me.radRichTextEditor1.Commands.ToggleBoldCommand.ToggleStateChanged, AddressOf Me.ToggleBoldCommand_ToggleStateChanged
End Sub
Public Sub ToggleBoldCommand_ToggleStateChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As StylePropertyChangedEventArgs(Of Boolean))
    Me.boldButton.IsChecked = e.NewValue
End Sub

Now, the button will respond to the current state of the selection.

WinForms RadRichTextEditor ToggleBoldCommand

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