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Item Display Modes

RadOfficeNavigationBar offers item display modes that indicate whether the items are visualized by image only or full text. This is controlled by the UseCompactFont and the ItemsDisplayStyle properties.


            this.radOfficeNavigationBar1.UseCompactFont = true;
            this.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ItemsDisplayStyle = DisplayStyle.Image;

        Me.radOfficeNavigationBar1.UseCompactFont = True
        Me.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ItemsDisplayStyle = DisplayStyle.Image

WinForms RadOfficeNavigationBar Item Display Mode Compact


            this.radOfficeNavigationBar1.UseCompactFont = false;
            this.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ItemsDisplayStyle = DisplayStyle.ImageAndText;

        Me.radOfficeNavigationBar1.UseCompactFont = False
        Me.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ItemsDisplayStyle = DisplayStyle.ImageAndText

WinForms RadOfficeNavigationBar Item Display Mode Full

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