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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build RadOfficeNavigationBar.

WinForms RadOfficeNavigationBar Structure

  • RadOfficeNavigationBarElement - the main element in RadOfficeNavigationBar.

    • OfficeNavigationBarItemContainer - holds the items and their content area.

      • OfficeNavigationBarItemLayout - represents the StripViewItemContainer that holds all the items.

        • RadOfficeNavigationBarItem - represents a separate office item.
        • RadOfficeNavigationBarOverflowItem - represents the options/ overflow button ("...") that allows the user navigate through the hidden items in the navigation bar. When you click the item, a RadContextMenuDropDown is shown.
      • RadPageViewContentAreaElement - represents the content area that is relevant to the currently selected office item.

Elements Hierarchy

WinForms RadOfficeNavigationBar Elements Hierarchy

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