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Options Dialog

The OfficeNavigationBarOptionsDialog is shown when the user clicks the NavigationOptionsMenuItem.


officenavigationbar-options-dialog 001

The ShowNavigationOptionsMenuItem property indicates whether to show the navigation options menu item when the context menu is opened.


officenavigationbar-options-dialog 002

Hide NavigationOptionsMenuItem

this.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ShowNavigationOptionsMenuItem = false;

Me.radOfficeNavigationBar1.ShowNavigationOptionsMenuItem = False

The dialog offers the following settings:

  • Maximum number of visible items: controls the VisibleItemsCount property which indicates how many items to be visible on the strip. If this property is not set, it returns the count of items.
  • Items display style: controls the ItemsDisplayStyle property. The available options are:
    • None: specifies that neither image nor text is rendered.
    • Text: specifies that only text is rendered.
    • Image: specifies that only an image is rendered.
    • ImageAndText: specifies that both an image and text are to be rendered.
  • Use Compact Font: controls the UseCompactFont property which indicates whether to use compact or large font for the items.
  • Display in this order: controls the items order. The Move Up and Move Down buttons reorder the items in the respective direction.

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