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Getting Started with WinForms ApplicationMenu

The following tutorial demonstrates how to populate RadApplicationMenu and how to react to a user's choice in code.

1. Drag RadApplicationMenu to a form and click the Smart Tag.

2. Click the Edit Items button.

3. Add a few items.

Figure 1: Adding items at design time

WinForms RadApplicationMenu Adding items at design time

4. Apply different images for each item.

5. In the Properties section in Visual Studio select the events button. Select the desired item from the Properties drop down and double click the Click event.

Figure 2: Generate Click event handler:

WinForms RadApplicationMenu Generate Click event handler

6. Replace the automatically generated event handler with this code:

Handling Click event

private void radMenuItem1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadMenuItem item = sender as RadMenuItem;
    RadMessageBox.Show(item.Text + " is clicked!");

Private Sub RadMenuItem1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles RadMenuItem1.Click
    Dim item As RadMenuItem = TryCast(sender, RadMenuItem)
    RadMessageBox.Show(item.Text + " is clicked!")
End Sub

Figure 2: Handling Click event

WinForms RadApplicationMenu Handling Click event

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