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Property Description
DisplayStyle Specifies the logical combination of image and text primitives in the element.
RightColumnItems Gets a collection representing the right column items of RadApplicationMenu.
ButtonItems Gets a collection representing the button items of RadApplicationMenu.
RightColumnWidth Gets or sets the right column width.
ShowTwoColumnDropDownMenu Gets or sets the whether RadApplicationMenu will have TwoColumnDropDownMenu.
ShowItemToolTips Gets or sets a value indicating whether ToolTips are shown for the RadItem objects contained in the RadControl.
DropDownButtonElement Gets the instance of RadApplicationMenuButtonElement wrapped by this control. RadApplicationMenuButtonElement is the main element in the hierarchy tree and encapsulates the actual functionality of RadApplicationMenu.


Method Description
DropDownButtonElement.ShowDropDown Shows the drop down menu.
DropDownButtonElement.HideDropDown Hides the drop down menu.


Event Description
DropDownOpening Fires when the drop down is about to be opened. It is a cancelable event.
DropDownOpened Fires when the drop down is opened.
DropDownClosed Fires when the drop down is closed.

RadApplicationMenu is a derivative of RadDropDownButton. Hence, the properties, methods and events applicable for RadDropDownButton are applicable for RadApplicationMenu. Additional information is available in the DropDownButton >> Properties, Methods and Events help article.

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