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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadApplicationMenu control.

Figure 1: RadApplicationMenu's elements hierarchy

application-menu-structure 001

application-menu-structure 002

Figure 2: RadApplicationMenu visual structure

application-menu-structure 003

  1. RadApplicationMenuButtonElement: represents the application menu button element
    1.1. DropDownEditorLayoutPanel
        1.1.1. RadArrowButtonElement: represents the arrow button
        1.1.2. ActionButtonElement: represents the button element
  2. RadApplicationMenuDropDownElement: represents the drop down
    2.1. RadApplicationMenuContentElement
         2.1.1. RadApplicationMenuDropDownMenuElement: represents the drop down menu content menu element (left and right column)
          RadMenuItem: represents a menu item
    2.2. RadApplicationMenuContentElement :
        2.2.1. RadApplicationMenuBottomStripLayout: represents the container that holds bottom button items
   RadMenuButtonItem: represents the menu button item.

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