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Keyboard Navigation

RadListView allows navigation through its item by using keyboard. Two scenarios are supported by default:

  • Pressing a character will select consequently each item starting with this character.

  • Typing more than one character will navigate to the first item matching the typed string.

To enable this functionality a single property setting is needed:

Enable Keyboard Navigation

radListView1.KeyboardSearchEnabled = true;

RadListView1.KeyboardSearchEnabled = True

Considering the Text of each data item, the search behavior is performed. So if you populate RadListView with data by using data binding, don't miss to set the DisplayMember property which will fill the Text for each item.

Another property of interest is the KeyboardSearchResetInterval property. It is used to determine what time between keystrokes will be considered as typing. Consequent keystrokes with performed faster than the specified interval will be considered typing and once the time elapses, the matching item (if such) will be selected. Here is how to access this property to change the value of the timer:

Specify the KeyboardSearchResetInterval

radListView1.KeyboardSearchResetInterval = 200;

RadListView1.KeyboardSearchResetInterval = 200

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