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Tabs and Captions

RadDock Tab Alignment/Visibility and AutomationIn this video, you will learn about some of the new features provided in the R3 2009 release of the RadDock. These features include tab alignment and visibility as well as drag and drop automation. dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 007

RadDock exposes several properties which allow you to have full control over the visibility and the position of the tabs/captions:

  • DocumentTabAlignment: defines the position of the tabs for all DocumentTabStrip instances in RadDock.

Setting DocumentTabsAlignment to Left

this.radDock1.DocumentTabsAlignment = TabStripAlignment.Left;

Me.RadDock1.DocumentTabsAlignment = TabStripAlignment.Left

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 001

  • DocumentTabsVisible: allows you to hide/show all document tabs:

Hiding the document tabs

this.radDock1.DocumentTabsVisible = false;

Me.RadDock1.DocumentTabsVisible = False

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 002

  • ToolTabAlignment: defines the position of the tabs for all ToolTabStrip instances in RadDock:

Setting the ToolTabsAlignment to Right

this.radDock1.ToolTabsAlignment = TabStripAlignment.Right;

Me.RadDock1.ToolTabsAlignment = TabStripAlignment.Right

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 003

  • ToolTabsVisible: allows you to hide/show all tool tabs.

Hiding the tool tabs

this.radDock1.ToolTabsVisible = false;

Me.RadDock1.ToolTabsVisible = False

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 004

  • CaptionVisible: allows you to hide the caption of a single ToolTabStrip.

Hiding the caption of ToolTabStrip

this.toolTabStrip1.CaptionVisible = false;

Me.ToolTabStrip1.CaptionVisible = False

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 005

  • ShowToolCloseButton and ShowDocumentCloseButton: displays/hides close buttons in the ToolWindow/DocumentWindow tabs.

Showing close buttons

this.radDock1.ShowToolCloseButton = true;
this.radDock1.ShowDocumentCloseButton = true;

Me.RadDock1.ShowToolCloseButton = True
Me.RadDock1.ShowDocumentCloseButton = True

dock-object-model-tabs-and-captions 006

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