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Tracking the ActiveWindow

In certain scenarios you may need to track the moment the ActiveWindow of RadDock is being changed. For this purpose RadDock exposes two events:

  • ActiveWindowChanging: This event is fired when the active window is about to be changed, but it is still not changed. This allows you to cancel the active window changing operation. Depending on the scenario, you may need to understand which the currently active window is and which is the window that is about to become active. For this purpose, the event arguments of ActiveWindowChanging expose two useful properties:

    • NewWindow: returns the dock window that is about to become active.

    • OldWindow: returns the currently active window.

      In the picture below the currently active window is toolWindow2. Activating toolWindow1 will cause ActiveWindowChanging to fire, and we can expect NewWindow to return toolWindow1 and OldWindow to return toolWindow2.

      WinForms RadDock Active Window

  • AcitveWindowChanged: is fired after the active window is changed. Its arguments provide one property:

    • DockWindow: returns the activated window.

Considering the same scenario, where the currently active window is toolWindow2, activating the toolWindow1 will first fire ActiveWindowChanging and if it is not canceled, ActiveWindowChanged will be fired. There, the DockWindow property from the event arguments will return toolWindow1. In this case, you may also use RadDock.ActiveWindow that will also return toolWindow1.

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