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AllowedDockState property gives you the ability to determine the available dock states per ToolWindow. There are several options for this properties which can be combined by bitwise operations. For example:

Allow two states only.

toolWindow1.AllowedDockState = AllowedDockState.Docked | AllowedDockState.Floating;

toolWindow1.AllowedDockState = AllowedDockState.Docked Or AllowedDockState.Floating

This automatically will remove the caption buttons that may be responsible for an unwanted state, for example Closed. In addition, the unwanted menu items from the context menu will be disabled:

WinForms RadDock AllowedDockStates

The following setting will disable the Floating option:

Disable the floating dock state

toolWindow1.AllowedDockState = ~AllowedDockState.Floating;

toolWindow1.AllowedDockState = Not AllowedDockState.Floating

WinForms RadDock Disable the Floating Dock State

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