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RadDock Properties, Methods and Events

RadDock controls the overall behavior of ToolWindows and DocumentWindows that it manages. This includes enabling basic capabilities of docking, floating and hiding, handling tabbed document behavior, serialization of layout and providing access to collections of managed dockable objects.


Properties Description
ActiveWindow Sets or gets the currently active DockWindow (ToolWindow or DocumentWindow)
AutoDetectMdiChildren Allows RadDock to automatically control MDI child windows of a parent form.
DockWindows A collection of IDockWindow objects being managed by RadDock.
DockWindows.ToolWindows A collection of the ToolWindows being managed by RadDock.
DockWindows.DocumentWindows Gets a collection of the DocumentWindows being managed by RadDock.
ActiveFloatingWindows Gets a collections of the floating windows.
MdiChildren An array of MDI forms parented in the RadDock. This array is accessible at runtime.
MainDocumentContainerVisible Indicates whether main document container will be initially visible.
QuickNavigatorSettings This property give you an object of type QuickNavigatorSettings. This object gives you a full control over the Quick Navigator features.
AutoHideAnimation Determines what animation will be used when displaying/hiding auto-hidden windows.
SplitterWidth Gets or sets the width of all splitters.

The tabs and captions properties are listed in the following article: Tabs and Captions


Methods Description
ActivateWindow(DockWindow window) Activates a DockWindow.
AddDocument(DockWindow window) Adds a DockWindow as a DocumentWindow.
AutoHideWindow(DockWindow window) Makes the specified DockWindow auto-hidden.
AutoHideWindows(IEnumerable windows, AutoHidePosition position) Makes the specified DockWindow collection auto-hidden.
CloseAllWindows() Closes all DockWindows. The CloseAction property specifies whether a ToolWindow/DocumentWindow will be Closed, ClosedAndDisposed or just Hidden.
CloseWindow(DockWindow window) Closes a specified ToolWindow or DocumentWindow.
DockWindow(DockWindow window, DockPosition position) Docks a DockWindow (ToolWindow/DocumentWindow) at the specified position.
DockWindow(DockWindow window, DockWindow target, DockPosition position) Docks a DockWindow at a position relative to the specified target DockWindow.
FloatToolTabStrip(ToolTabStrip strip, Rectangle bounds) Floats a ToolTabStrip with ToolWindows in a new form. The form has bounds specified by the bounds parameter.
FloatWindow(DockWindow window) Floats the specified DockWindow in a new form.
RemoveWindow(DockWindow window) Removes a ToolWindow or DocumentWindow from the list of managed windows.
RemoveAllDocumentWindows Removes all DocumentWindows, without disposing it.
RemoveAllWindows Removes all DockWindows, without disposing them.
__RemoveAllToolWindows(DockWindowCloseAction.Close, AllowedDockState.Docked AllowedDockState.Hidden)__


Events Description
DockTabStripNeeded Raised whenever a new DockTabStrip instance is needed internally by the framework.
PageViewInstanceCreated Fires after RadPageViewElement is created.
DockWindowAdded Notifies for a new DockWindow registered with this RadDock instance.
DockWindowRemoved Notifies for a DockWindow removed from this RadDock instance. This event will not be raised for hidden windows.
DockWindowClosing Allows you to cancel a close operation.
DockWindowClosed Raised after a DockWindow has been closed.
DockStateChanging Notifies for an upcoming change in the DockState of the associated window. Cancelable.
DockStateChanged Notifies for a change in the DockState of the associated window.
ActiveWindowChanging Notifies for an upcoming change of the ActiveWindow property. Cancelable.
ActiveWindowChanged Notifies for an actual change of the ActiveWindow property.
SelectedTabChanged Occurs when selected tab is changed in the currently manipulated DockTabStrip.
SelectedTabChanging Occurs before the selected tab is changed.
FloatingWindowCreated Notifies that a FloatingWindow instance is internally created by the framework. Allows listeners to examine and optionally change the window itself.

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