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ToolWindow and DocumentWindow Properties and Methods


ToolWindow and DocumentWindow both implement the same interfaces, such as IDockWindow and have a common set of properties even though their runtime behavior differs.

  • AllowedDockState: Specifies the allowed dock states for a DockWindow.

  • DockState: Specifies the current state of the DockWindow. You can set DockState to Docked, Floating, AutoHide, Hidden, TabbedDocument.

  • DockType: This read-only property contains one of the Telerik.WinControls.Dock.DockType enumeration members ToolWindow (for ToolWindow) or Document (for DocumentWindow).

  • Name: This property uniquely identifies each dock panel or tabbed document. Use this property when saving and restoring content. See Loading and Saving Layouts for more information.

  • Image: Used to assign an image that displays in the tab for the ToolWindow or DocumentWindow.

  • Text: Specifies the text to display in the caption bar at the top of the ToolWindow and on the tab at the bottom of the ToolWindow.


  • Close: Closes a ToolWindow or a DocumentWindow. The ToolWindow/DocumentWindow can be just hidden or directly disposed. This depends on its default behavior and the CloseAction property. For additional information refer to Removing ToolWindow and DocumentWindow at Runtime.

  • Show: Shows a hidden ToolWindow or DocumentWindow.

  • DockTo(DockWindow window, DockPosition dockPosition): Docks a window with another window in the same container. The example below docks "Bottom Window" to the container of "Top Window".

    WinForms RadDock DockTo Method

Using DockTo()

toolWindow2.DockTo(toolWindow1, DockPosition.Fill);

toolWindow2.DockTo(ToolWindow1, DockPosition.Fill)

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