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.NET MAUI MaskedEntry Validation Message

The Telerik MaskedEntry for .NET MAUI provides a built-in validation message. If the user is entering an input that does not match the mask requirements, the MaskedEntry will display an error message.

Default Error Message

The MaskedEntry supports a default validation error message that is based on the used masked type:

  • EmailMaskedEntry—Supports the E-Mail is not valid error message.

  • RegexMaskedEntry—Supports the Input does not match the regex error message.

Custom Error Message

To customize the default validation error message, use the ValidationErrorMessage(string) property.

Custom Validation Error Message for the EmailMaskedEntry

<telerik:RadEmailMaskedEntry x:Name="emailMaskedEntry" ValidationErrorMessage="Please, enter a valid e-mail adress" AutomationId="emailMask" />

Custom Validation Error Message for the RegexMaskedEntry

<telerik:RadRegexMaskedEntry x:Name="regexMaskedEntry" Mask="^[a-z]$" Placeholder="^[a-z]$" ValidationErrorMessage="Only one symbol can be entered" AutomationId="regexMask" />

For the MaskedEntry Validation Error Message example, go to the SDKBrowser Demo Application and navigate to MaskedEntry -> Features category.

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