RadEntry is a text input control that accepts string input and provides various customization options such as watermark, read-only-state, border styles, and more.

If you are new to RadEntry, see the Getting Started guide that demonstrates how to add the control to your application.

Figure 1: RadEntry Overview

Entry Overview

Key features

  • Watermark: RadEntry allows you to add a hint text as a placeholder in the control. You can use this text to guide the users what is the expected input. For more details, see the Text Appearance article.
  • Keyboard support: You can add a virtual keyboard and specify its type, for example, Numeric.
  • Non-Editable (Read-Only) state: Using a single property - IsReadOnly, you can specify whether the RadEntry control can be edited or not. Example and explanation can be found in Text Appearance - Read-Only State.
  • You can define the maximum number of symbols allowed in the RadEntry control. For detailed explanation and example check the Text Appearance - Max Length section.
  • Border styles: RadEntry gives you the option to customize the look of the border around the input by using the BorderStyle property. For more details, see the Styling topic.

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