Because of the way how Figma and the Unite UX Plugin for Figma operate, currently it is not possible to safely export design assets from multiple Figma files to a single Unite UX project.

Consider the following case:

  1. You start the development of a new design system and you place all components in a single Figma file.

  2. You hand off the component design and export the design assets to a Unite UX project.

  3. A second designer on your team creates a new Figma file with SVG icons for your design system.

  4. The second designer tries to export the SVG icons to the same existing Unite UX project and sees the following message:

    Overwrite assets warning message

If the second designer overwrites the existing assets, the Unite UX plugin will replace some of the previously exported design assets with the newly exported SVG icons. As a result, the collaborators in Unite UX will have no access to the previously exported design assets.

To avoid overwriting exported design assets, always export frames from the same Figma file.

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