Release Notes

This document briefly describes the notable changes in the Unite UX Plugin for Figma and Unite UX Web App.


Features New

  • Add v5 support of Kendo themes

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Fix order of automatic notifications and flows

  • Project page header is clickable when onboarding is running

  • Primary and secondary tokens are not pre-filled in the plugin

  • DateRangePicker calendar cannot override the main component

  • Fix positioning of elements in the plugin's "What's new" screen

  • Fix discrepancies between designs and live components for ChipList and ButtonGroup

  • Cannot manually add a font family

  • When the button's icon is copy-pasted, it disappears in the component

  • Box-shadow property set in Unite UX is overridden by Kendo styles

  • When styles with the background are copy-pasted to the default button, the primary button background is also being set

  • Missing icon options for the half-precision state of the Rating component


Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Setting effect via copy - paste token does not apply it on live preview

  • Export in Unite UX throws an error

  • Icons export fails when file name contains special symbols

  • The Table layer for Calendar and MultiViewCalendar are not exposed and cannot be edited

  • Letter spacing is not set when applying design token

  • Cursor changed to default

  • Setting style to focus state of checkbox applies it to all states


Features New

  • Choosing a Kendo theme when creating a blank project in the Unite UX app

  • The Live Preview aligns the elements to the top of the pane instead to the center

  • Add hint for the selected state of the button

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Component canvas panning with the mouse is slow when users pan over the component template

  • Border radius editor shows 0 when no value has been set

  • Empty theme style overrides clean up function added


Features New

  • Improve the selected state in Buttons

  • Add a level 800% in the Comparison

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Fix focused states of flat buttons

  • Canvas zoom with mouse is not smooth

  • Middle button click on a template part causes the cursor to change to arrows and not restore to default

  • Zooming in on a component on the Canvases zooms in a wrong area

  • Typography is not properly applied through the wizard for Material or Bootstrap

  • Border radius editor shows wrong value

  • Border radius must be exported in clock-wise order


Features New

  • Improve visual presentation of Link-Component functionality

  • Sync Chip template in Unite UX with design implementation

  • Link list and date elements as constructive parts of the Date pickers

  • Improve the copy and paste functionality when transferring icon colors

  • Add visual aids to the onboarding hints

  • Make design and component canvases scroll to the end of content

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Pager popup cannot be customized via the constructive elements popup

  • Using component link shows wrong items in components tree

  • Too much space between lines in comments


Features New

  • Add Splitter component template

  • Add Stepper component template

  • Add DropDown Tree component template

  • Add RadioGroup component template

  • Add Floating Label component template

  • Add CheckboxGroup component template

  • Add Floating Action Button component template

  • Add Menu template missing states

  • Update construction elements templates

  • Add read/unread state of comments

  • Enable editing of template part which is linked

  • Add help button with useful links in Unite UX

  • Select components and date pickers—link list and date elements as constructive parts

    Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Show resolved comments when users navigate to them through a direct link

  • Fix mismatching Fonts in Component Canvas from Plugin

  • Storybook download URLs do not work

  • The custom font is not included in the outputted compiled css

  • Component canvas panning with the mouse is slow

  • The selection of the inner element is broken

  • Comments pane throws error when user with comments is removed from the project

  • Active users are not accurate

  • Text style with mixed font style is exported with wrong font weight

  • TextArea bottom border is not included in comparison

  • Style override selector is wrong when not all elements have k-* classes

  • Missing fonts dialog cannot be opened

  • Update the title of the Design Parts hint

  • Blank projects cannot be exported as .uux from the dashboard


Features New

  • Added onboarding experience in Unite UX

  • Add linking component templates functionality

  • Add Card component template

  • Add a frame with popup, list, items for dropdown type components

  • The Enter Key should Submit Forms

  • Change the template of ButtonGroup

  • Improve font export performance

  • Update component canvas with latests changes in UI kits

  • Add no records template for the grid

  • Update Readme file of generated output

  • Show placeholder pseudo-element without its parent elements in the component’s parts tree

  • Add TextArea component template

    Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Title of dashboard's project is wrongly highlighted

  • TimePicker: Navigation item hover doesn't have preview in UUX

  • DropwdownButton's list has wrong styling

  • Pins on design canvas are not scrolled to when selected from the right in FF

  • Icon for the zoom dropdown is missing

  • Icon for paste button is wrong


Features New

  • Add commenting functionality in Unite UX

    Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Inability to style pseudo-elements of element's states

  • Third party font detection for font family editor (for icons) does not work

  • Cannot change the color of circle in radio-button

  • Icon styles are not transferred to Unite UX

  • Sometimes response from the server is very slow


Features New

  • Add border-spacing property editor

  • Upgrade to latest Kendo version

  • Send Telerik ID as custom dimension for the Unite UX web app and for the plugin

  • Improve Delete and Add behavior in Effects editor

  • Track Create New Project buttons

  • Add template for error label in input scenario

  • Now all editors in the PROPERTIES pane follow a clockwise pattern

  • Add DateRangePicker missing states

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Flat Buttons with no border or background are cropped in comparison

  • Hover state overrides active state

  • Does not transfer effects correctly in the COMPONENTS pane

  • Error is thrown when copy-pasting icon properties

  • Comparison cuts pixel on bottom of a component

  • Replacing pseudo-classes in selector with pseudo-elements breaks the applying of CSS properties

  • Measurements in DESIGN pane are incorrect

  • RadioButton in disabled state cannot be changed

  • The design part in comparison is partially cut


Features New

  • Notify users in Unite UX app when font used in a design is not installed

  • Add distinctive warning for trial expiration

  • Show message seven days before license expiration of trial subscriptions

  • Hide Scenarios page in the UI Kits for Figma during export

  • Add link to Unite UX product page on login screen in Figma plugin

  • Add option to show LIVE PREVIEW and COMPARISON as separate windows

  • Add Window template Restore buttons

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • ButtonGroup GroupEnd button icon background changes are applied to all buttons

  • Template for Calendar header is wrong

  • Assigning gradient colors to background colors in plugin does not work

  • Invalid value is auto-populated for theme styles during Figma plugin export

  • Input layer in the DatePicker overlaps the DatePicker layer

  • Copy styles with keys combination does not work in Firefox

  • TimePicker background is set wrong

  • Export throws an error when the font-weight property is set to space

  • Missing font flag is triggered when icon font is entered in Text Editor

  • Error is thrown when copy-pasting icon properties

  • Setting gradient value for button/primary-button in theme styles leads to SCSS that cannot be compiled


Features New

  • Add Calendar missing parts

  • Add Chip and ChipList missing states

  • Add DateTimePicker tabs and action buttons

  • Add TimePicker selector missing states

  • Add Tooltip component template

  • Add TreeView component template

  • Support for read-only states for the input components

  • Add Notification component template

  • Add back button in Theme Styles window in the Plugin

  • Unify Dialogs styles in Dashboard page

  • Add background to the layer which contains the component image in the comparison

  • Add ChipList with selected state in the templates

  • Tooltips in Preview mode appear in the Design section of the app

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • ButtonGroup does not allow toggle between selected state in Live Preview

  • Line-height properties in exported tokens are set always in pixels

  • Inputs do not have readonly states

  • The content property is not formatted well in the exported package

  • Text of the design snapshot in comparison is blurred on display with device pixel ratio 2 (e.g. resolution 2K+)

  • KendoReact ButtonGroup has wrong selected state

  • App crashes when login tokens expires

  • Add input in MultiSelect component templates


Features New

  • Show window with onboarding video on how to apply styles from design when user opens a Unite UX project

  • When exporting icon frames from Kendo UI kits, the SVG Icons button is selected by default

  • Add link to Unite UX web app project after exporting it with Figma plugin

  • Implement Theme Styles in Figma plugin

  • Show third-party acknowledgements in separate Unite UX plugin for Figma window

  • Show third-party acknowledgements on dedicated Unite UX URL

  • Change menu texts in Figma plugin

  • Show tooltip when hovering over the paste button in COMPONENT PARTS

  • Automatically give a trial license in Unite UX

  • Highlight those layers in the DESIGN pane that are hovered in the DESIGN PARTS tree.

  • Sort projects listed in the plugin by starting with the last created

    Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Warning screens are not visible entirely in the plugin

  • Creating project from Manage team Figma menu leads to dead end

  • Unite UX throws error during sass compilation when design document contains images

  • Error is thrown when user clicks on empty space in DESIGN canvas when using Firefox

  • Token for typography is not applied in some cases

  • Scheduler agenda row hover state does not respect k-state-hover class

  • All layers with identical name can be selected at once

  • DropDownButton and SplitButton wrong expanded state in templates


Features New

  • Add tree with all layers from selected screen next to Design canvas

  • Add component template for Slider component

  • Add component template for PanelBar component

  • Add component template for TabStrip component

  • Update Kendo components versions and Kendo Themes version

  • Update Kendo dependencies to the latest version in StoryBook documentation

  • In plugin during export hide ui kits pages which are not related with Unite UX

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Default popup font is not applied in Live Preview

  • Text in components where icon is selected is distorted in Comparison

  • Comparison is not updated on selecting another component

  • Creating project breaks of loading indicator is still present on dashboard page

  • Styles are applied to wrong element via property grid

  • Separator for Numeric input for Bootstrap theme cannot be removed

  • Setting Visibility to None in Comparison component causes error

  • User cannot set different styles to Items per Page dropdown and label

  • Hover state of Autocomplete is not reflected in the Live Preview

  • Hover state styles for Date Picker are applied for all states

  • Date and Datetime Picker Calendar does not reflect changes to Calendar parts

  • Add template for 100-years for Calendar

  • Rejecting invalid color for border color sets different placeholder


Features New

  • Add Start from Template option when creating new project

  • Ability to export project data to an external file

  • Add Storybook documentation in the exported Unite UX output file

  • Implement scale virtualisation and reduce component template elements on smaller scale

  • [Templates] Update Badge templates

  • [Templates] Update Button templates

  • [Templates] Update Dialog and Window templates

  • [Templates] Update DropDown templates

  • [Templates] Update Input templates

  • [Templates] Update Grid component templates

  • Improve presentation of complex components in Live Preview pane

  • Add Avatar components templates

  • Render images on design canvas depending on scale

  • Generate shorter tokens names during Figma plugin export

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • No design tokens in wizard when creating project from template

  • Expired license gets Forbidden error during login

  • Comparison uses incorrect font family

  • Screens inspector reports potential memory leak

  • Dropdown button for Combobox has an obsolete border to its left

  • User cannot set different styles to Items per Page dropdown and label

  • For Pager component Live Preview does not contain the total number of items

  • Changes to Autocomplete popup are not reflected in Live Preview

  • Inconsistent background color for Switch

  • Switching from theme styles to components crashes the app

  • Cannot set background to autocomplete close button hover state

  • Exported CSS contains tokens

  • Wrong generation of styles that are outside the scope of the selected element

  • Changes in hover state don't show in Live Preview


Features New

  • Added ::placeholder pseudo element

  • Added ::before and ::after pseudo elements

  • Copy-pasting of styles now works with typography and effect tokens

  • Added ability to change the style for properties set with !important in a Kendo Theme

  • Enable dragging in background property editor to reorder colors

Bug Fixes Fixed

  • Keep only one selection in the COMPONENT PARTS tree

  • Gradient values are considered invalid and get rejected by the color property editor

  • Text token editor does not update for components with present value

  • Margin editor does not accept zero as value

  • Wrong value is reported for the border color of the secondary button in the Kendo Default theme

  • Error is thrown when project is not touched for some time

  • Content style is not well formatted

  • Border token is not set when copy-pasting

  • When copy-pasting typography tokens and then using Undo, the text editor still shows the token removed with Undo

  • When copy-pasting effect tokens and then using Undo, the editor still shows the token removed with Undo

  • font-family is not pasted when copy-pasting

  • UniteUX crashes after some inactivity time

  • Support font-family property with multiple fonts

  • Undo/redo doesn't work with typography tokens

  • When a token is updated in an exported design, the property editor still shows the old value

  • Background editor's initial state doesn't display an empty editor with a placeholder message

  • Unable to assign design tokens to properties in the wizard/theme styles

  • Effects and Outline applied to buttons are not shown in the COMPARISON pane when a button group is selected

  • Cannot style elements when the existing style has higher specificity than the selected element

  • Opacity property is not exported and handled correctly in gradient tokens

  • Token containing solid color with opacity is not displayed properly

  • Resizing detached dialog windows does not release the cursor

  • Missing notification for successful or failed export

  • Distance labels are overlapping when inspecting in the design canvas

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