Unite UX Support

This article provides more information regarding the customer support access and support channels you can use when working with Unite UX.

Who Has Access to Support?

All clients with a Unite UX Preview Release License or within their trial period can reach out to the Unite UX team for help. You will receive support directly from the software developers and designers who create the product.

How to Get Support?

  1. Go to Your Account > SUPPORT > Get Technical Support.

  2. Enter your query in the search field, and then select the arrow on the right.

  3. Scroll through the search results, and then select Contact Support.

What's Included in Support?

  • Guidance for built-in features—The Unite UX team will explain the built-in features and will guide you on how to use them. The team will provide references to existing resources that demonstrate how to use Unite UX.

  • Bug confirmation—The Unite UX team will diagnose and confirm product bugs. To confirm your bug report, the team may request additional information, such as the exact steps and used files.

  • Workarounds—When possible, the Unite UX team will suggest workarounds for confirmed product bugs. If possible, the team will inform you about new releases that contain a bug fix or an implemented new feature.

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