About Unite UX Projects

The Unite UX project is a virtual workspace where designers, developers, and other non-developers collaborate. The final product of this collaboration is a design system.

The Unite UX project is not the same as a Figma project. A Figma project allows designers to create and group their design files. The Unite UX project, on the other hand, uses design metadata to visualize the same design in Unite UX. The developers on the team can use the Unite UX project to compare the design with the KendoReact UI components and to make them match the design.

When a designer creates a new Unite UX project in the plugin, the project automatically syncs its data with the Unite UX cloud. After the designer exports and shares a project with other Unite UX users on the team, they can use Unite UX to inspect the design.

To create a Unite UX project, use either of the following approaches:

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