Configuring Firefox for Test Studio Automation

To configure Mozilla Firefox for web automation in Test Studio the following steps need to be performed:

1. Install Progress Extension

Test Studio 2017 R3 (v. 2017.3.1010) And Later

Install the latest Firefox extension from the Mozzila Extension Page. There is a single extension combining recording and execution: Progress Test Studio Extension

As of product release 2017 R3 only the new Test Studio extension will be supported. Old extensions are using legacy Firefox add-on API and starting from Firefox v.57 only extensions developed using WebExtensions APIs will be supported for usage in the browser.

Once Firefox is used for first time for web automation in Test Studio 2017 R3 the old Test Studio extensions will be automatically removed.

If you face any troubles when installing or enabling the extension please expand the Extension Install Procedure section below.

Test Studio 2017 R2 SP1 (v. 2017.2.824) And Earlier

The extensions get installed directly with Test Studio installation. If you need to add or reinstall these manually please visit this troubleshooting article.

2. Browser Calibration

To ensure flawless and consistent automation process there are some settings to apply to the browser. We call this browser calibration and have implemented a feature to automatically calibrate the browser out of the box and no manual interaction is required.

If you need to double check manually if all settings are correct expand the Manual Configuration section below.

Extension Install Procedure +

1.  The latest Firefox extension is not automatically installed with the Test Studio installation.

In case you haven't performed the above recommendation to install the Progress extension manually when you first start recording against Firefox the browser will load the recording start page and will try to load the extension. If that is missing the recorder will search for it for the set ClientReady Timeout (the default is 60 seconds).

Wait For Extension

2.  In case the Progress extension is not yet loaded after that timeout a link to the Mozzila Extension Page will be displayed to install the extension.

Get Extension

3.  By clicking on Get It Free From Mozilla Extensions Page you will be directly navigated to the Progress extension on the Extension Page.

Extension In Page

4.  By clicking the Add to Firefox button the extension will be added after confirmation.

Add Extension Confirmation

5.  The version of an installed extension could be double checked by clicking on its icon located on the right of the address bar.

Extension Version

Manual Configuration +

Enable Progress Test Studio Extension

1. Click on browser settings in the right upper corner and press on Add-ons.


2. Ensure that the Progress Test Studio Extension is enabled.


Zoom Level Set to 100%

1. Click on browser settings.
2. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to set it to 100%.


Turn Off Pop-up Blocker & Enable JavaScript

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.


2. Click on the Privacy and Security tab (on the left side) and scroll down to Permissions section.

3. Uncheck the Block pop-up windows checkbox.

Pop up blocker

Pop-ups Open in a New Tab

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.
2. Scroll down to Tabs section and check Open new windows in a new tab instead.

Pop up open in new window

Enable File Downloads

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.
2. Scroll down to Downloads section and check and select Always ask you where to save files.


Enable Cookies

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.
2. Click on the Privacy and Security.
3. Scroll down to History section to set the option to Remember history.


Disable 'Remember passwords for sites'

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.
2. Click on the Privacy and Security.
3. Make sure the Remember logins and passwords for websites option is disabled.


Use System Proxy Settings

As of the 2012 R1 version released in April 2012, set the Connection Settings to Use system proxy settings.

1. Click on browser settings and press on Options.
2. Click on the General.
3. Scroll down to Network Proxy section and press on Settings... button.
4. In the Connection Settings window select Use system proxy settings.


Setting Configuration Flags

There are three more settings to be modified in the configuration editor - type about:config in the url bar and press Enter to access it. Double click the following settings to set these to false:
  • browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash

  • browser.tabs.warnOnClose

  • browser.tabs.warnOnCloseOtherTabs


Disable Conflicting Extensions

The following Add-ons are known to conflict with the Progress Test Studio Extension:
  • AOL Messaging Toolbar
  • FoxyProxyStandard

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