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Test Recorder

The Test Recorder is a powerful feature in Test Studio. You can use it to built codeless tests with common actions and verifications or more advanced steps against a specific element in the DOM tree. All that functionality comes in a compact and customizable recorder, which is attached to the browser or WPF application. The recorded steps have a lot of configurations to help you automate your application without writing code.

In this section you will learn in details about all features of the Test Studio Recorder. How to start it and how it can help you automate your application with stable and reliable tests.

Start Recording

There are two ways to initiate recording. You can either launch a new browser or WPF app instance with the compact recording toolbar attached, or you can attach the compact recording toolbar to an existing instance (applicable for IE only or WPF application).


To stop the recording session, close the browser or WPF application.

Launch New Recording

1.  Open the test by double clicking on it. Click the Record button in the Tests tab or press CTRL+R.

Test Studio

Standalone version

VS plugin

2.  Type the URL you want to navigate to or select it from recent URLs. Choose the recording browser (for web tests) and press Enter or the Record button in that window.

Choose browser

If you enable Save my choice for the future or set a preferred browser from the Test ribbon the Record button will display the icon for the selected browser.

Choose preferred browser

3.  Once the selected browser navigates to the specified URL or the WPF application is started, the Compact Recording Toolbar will attach to it. A navigate step is added in the Steps pane and you can continue recording the next actions as per the required scenario.

Attached recorder

Once a recording session is started do not start another instance of the same browser or WPF application until the session is finished!

Attach to Existing Instance (Applicable for IE or WPF Application)

Click the drop-down arrow on the Record button to see a list of available IE browser instances or WPF applications. Select one to attach the recorder to that instance.

Attach to running browser

Web Test - Internet Explorer only
Attach to running WPF instance

WPF Test - connect to running WPF application instance

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